Your present position:Full digital premium conference system>>Modularization embedded unit>>RX 6600 series Modularization conference units RX-D6600
Modularization embedded unit-RX 6600 series Modularization conference units RX-D6600
Modularization embedded unit-RX 6600 series Modularization conference units RX-D6600
Product description:
  • Function

Ø Restmoment original full digital conference technique, compliant to IEC 60914 international standard.

Ø Built-in 24 points self restraint return function. The sound is near CD quality.

Ø Modularization embedded design, smart and fashion.

Ø Function modules are connected by audio connection box.

Ø All digital audio transmission technique, point to point connection mode, remote transmission won’t influence on sound quality. Distance between equipments could reach at 150m

Ø The system is connected by audio connection boxes with “Hand in hand ring”.

Ø There is a LCD display on channel selector which can show sound volume and CH No

Ø In “hand in hand ring”, the system will not be effected if there is a disconnection in ring.

Ø Support”PnP”

Ø Strong anti-interference from mobile phone; Anti-interference from external driving source.

Ø Built-in IC card reader, support IC card sign-in, delegates degree identifying, IC card key and setup menu language etc

Ø Each unit has arbitrary distribution ID address, convenience for installation and avioding ID address repeating

Ø Double stereo earphone output, could adjust sound volume.

Ø Speaking time limit function. Can setup the speaking time.

Ø 5 work modes

 ● Limited mode          ● FIFO mode

 ● Apply mode            ● Voice activating mode      ● Free discussion mode

Ø Cooperated with video controller and camera, have video tracing function.

Ø Support key sign-in and making up sign-in function. Sign-in can be real-time displayed dynamically.

Ø Chairman unit have Priority, could switch off the speaking units.

Ø System support 150 chairman units, could specify one as chief chairman, carry out function as follow,

 ● Switch work mode                               ●  Activate sign-in, voting

 ● Receive or reject application speech           ● Switch off appointed MIC

 ● Switch off the earliest MIC                    ● Switch off all MIC

Ø In combination with the corresponding software modules, conference main unit, chairman can be implemented:

Ø Parliamentary: agree/oppose/abstain, Pass-rate setup

Ø Multi choice/Opinion poll:1/2/3/4/5

Ø Audience response/Rating:--/-/0/+/++, could setup content

Ø Score: 0---100, practically participant person as average fraction

Ø Working with management software to achieve more functions. 

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