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A government conference room in Yunnan Province used Restmoment conference system

       A government conference room in Yunnan Province is busy with daily working. In order to improve work efficiency, it needs a set of high-efficiency, safe and high-fidelity conference system. And Restmoment V4 full-digital high-end conference system RX-P2D was finally selected.

       Restmoment has installed the V4 full-digital high-end conference system RX-P2D series in the conference room, including: embedded large-diaphragm conference unit RX-P2D and high-end conference controller RX-V4.1. The super-small opening size reduces the installation area of the desktop. And it has ultra-long pickup distance to achieve the high efficient communication.

       Restmoment embedded large-diaphragm conference unit RX-P2D series:

           ● Adopt 35MM standard opening size. It is easy to be installed on the desktop

           ● It has upper and lower double-layer rubber shock-proof pads to solve the transmission of desktop sound.

           ● Capacitive tact switch

           ● It uses 14mm diameter gold-plated condenser microphone core. The pickup distance can reach more than 80CM

           ● It has manual/ automatic gain adjustment. And it has bass cut function.

           ● It has 5-band EQ equalization adjustable. Each microphone can setup a different EQ

           ● It has discussion and video tracking functions.

Embedded large-diaphragm conference unit RX-P2D

       Restmoment V4 high-end conference controller RX-V4.1:

           ● Combining wired and wireless conferences, one host can connect wired and wireless units

           ● The controller has five-in-one function, which can be set as system controller, backup controller, extension controller, merge controller and distribution controller

           ● The controller has dual hot backup function, dual software backup function, camera tracking dual backup and other functions

           ● The system supports max 8 conference rooms split/merge function (optional function)

           ● 8×8 audio array input and output function

           ● It has linear gain and automatic gain adjustment

High-end conference controller RX-V4.1

       The project has been installed and put into use. It has been highly appreciated by users. In the future, Restmoment will continue to improve our brand influence with innovative technology, high-quality products and services.

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