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The integration of finance and technology------- Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Branch

       Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Branch is the first-level branch of Agricultural Bank of China. Since from 1979, the Agricultural Bank of China has constantly updated its business concept.

       Agricultural Bank of China Guangxi Branch wants to improve working efficiency. They requested a set of efficient, safe, practical, convenient, high-fidelity conference system. Restmoment has designed the fourth generation full digital wireless conferencing system RX-4861 series.

       Restmoment fourth generation full digital wireless conference system RX-4861 series is easy to install; Using advanced 2.4G wireless full digital radio frequency (PHSS) technology. Each microphone has independent volume gain adjustment, microphone automatic gain compensation, bass removal; And it has 5 EQ balance adjustable. Each microphone can set a special EQ; The system has speech discussion, video tracking and strong resistance to mobile phone interference and other functions; High fidelity sound quality clearly conveyed to every corner of the meeting room.

       Restmoment has been deeply engaged in the industry for more than 20 years.And our system was used in the government agencies, enterprises, and even international large-scale conference projects. Restmoment will continue to focus on innovative. And we will provide the most powerful support for the conference.

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