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Intelligent Digital Technology

       The conference room of a government unit in Sichuan Province, as an important meeting venue, needs the equipment with high efficiency, safety, and practical functions. The final application of Restmoment full digital high-end conference system solution. It further improve the efficiency of the conference.

       Restmoment full digital high end conference system RX-6830/01 series uses square super heart microphone. It has a long picking up distance, high fidelity sound quality. The dual backup function can ensure the conference going smooth. You can customize the logo and text on the front panel of the RX-6830/01 meeting unit. And it has video tracking, anti-mobile phone interference and other functions, which fully meet the various needs of the meeting.

       Restmoment full digital high-end conference system solution successfully landed again. It won the user's praise. Restmoment always adhere to the "independent research and development, independent property rights, independent brand, independent production" technology policy. And we will bring more intelligent digital conference experience for all the clients.

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